Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What if Jesus Hadn't Been Born?

Have you considered what the world would be like if Jesus hadn't been born? We Christians certainly aren't perfect and we have some unfortunate events associated with our history like slavery and the crusades. But because of followers of Christ, many wonderful things have happened in our world.

Many of the world's great scientific discoveries were made by Christians. A large number of hospitals have been built by Christians. Education has been impacted tremendously. All of our nation's first colleges and universities were founded on Christan principles to prepare students for the ministry - places like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown and many others.

The International Red Cross has now become secularized, but look at the good that has been accomplished for many years by this great organization. Take a look also at their logo which still represents the cross of Jesus Christ. Most disaster relief efforts come from Christians and Christian nations.

If Jesus hadn't been born, there would have been no Mother Teresa and no William Wilberforce. The world would have been a very cruel and heartless place.

C. S. Lewis said, "If Jesus had never been born, it would be always winter, but never Christmas."
I'm thankful that God chose to send Jesus to us. What an impact He has made on this world.

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